Tips when putting together your Baddy

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Tips when putting together your Baddy

Post by CarlVO » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:27 pm


i just bought 2 baddy's and i noticed that this forum didn't really have tips and tricks. I want to make this thread so people can learn from each other.

If you have tips or tricks for other people who still need to put their baddy together post it here.

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Re: Tips when putting together your Baddy

Post by CarlVO » Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:10 pm

I put together 2 baddy's so i learned some things to make it faster. I worked 5 hours on the first one and 3 hours on the second one.
I wanted it to be hints but it also become a sort of tutorial.

Step by step:
Watch the tutorials: ... NZ&index=1
You start with the metal parts. In the first tutorial video they say you got the put the nuts in first. For me the nuts didn't stick into it so i went ahead and started folding first. This is not a problem, it's very obvious where you have to put the nuts when you screw it in. There is always a side of the metal that is a bit wider, that's where the nut should be. And in the video you can see which side the screw and which side the nut is when they screw it in.

In the second video: ... NZ&index=2
There is indeed a part that is in the video but it's not in the package, that's not a problem (the video also tells you this).

For the third video: ... NZ&index=3
When connecting the led just makes sure the order of the wires when connecting to the led and when connecting to the PCB are the same. So when you would put in: brown, red, orange, yellow, green it also has to be connected in that order.

Fourth video: ... NZ&index=4
When you put the wheels on, make sure they are a little bit more up. When testing it you should bring your allen key so you can adjust the height of the wheels to see at what stance the wheels generate the most power on the shuttle.

The fifth video: ... NZ&index=5
I had the wooden box, it is very important to know that the part underneath is not there and that it's not a problem at all.
You only have the surrounding wood, the top and the back. ... NZ&index=6
I really just ignored this video and went ahead and glued it my way. It works the same way. If you have a little bit of experience in gluing wood it wouldn't be a problem. ... NZ&index=7
Before you put in your switch and retainer you should put the baddy on first.
To put the retainer and the switch on the servo motor you need to push pretty hard.
I had to push the switch in with a screwdriver or something else long and hard.
To ease the screwing process you can switch off the baddy so you can move the retainer or switch again. When it's on, they cannot be moved.

And now very IMPORTANT: to set up the retainer and switch to the right position you have to connect your laptop or computer to your baddy. Baddy will send out a wifi signal which you can connect to. You have to go to your browser and you have to put it one of these links:
With the explanation i found it looked really like you could then see the values and adjust them. This is Not the case.
Every time you put in for example: the switch will move a tiny bit forward. You have to refresh the site each time to get it forward more. The some goes for the other 4 COMMANDS.
You have to do this until you get the 'right' position.

To get the 'right' position you have to test. To start testing you need to first connect your baddy to your phone.

This was also pretty hard for me. I downloaded all the apps i could find in the store but none of them would work. So what you got to do (for android at least) is this:

Download the APP with the BLUE AND WHITE logo. I was only able to find it through this link: ... voaZ83uhbU

Then you have to active a hotspot with your phone. Normally you can find it in the settings: hotspot and tethering (something like that).

You need to edit the hotspot and name it(ssid): BADDY-init
The password should be: BADDY1234

Activate it and turn on your Baddy. It should automatically connect to your phone.
Open your Blue and White app and you should be able to start testing.

When you test you want to just test without the shuttle feeder, just put like 5 shuttles in the machine and try it out (the last shuttle always has a hard time flying out).

Try things out and then connect again to your computer to switch the position of the retainer and switch. You'll have to do this a few times and you'll have to turn off baddy and turn it back on a couple of times. Just make sure that when you turn off baddy and then turn it on again there are no shuttles in it. Sometimes i have the issue that when it's turned off and back on, the retainer and the switch go totally up and down which makes the shuttles get stuck.

After you're ready with this you can test some more shuttles to see if it works consistently.

After this we put the cover around it except for the rear part. I think it's still better to let it off because it has no real use since no shuttles are flying from behind. Unless you have kids using it i would even consider leaving it off even after testing phase because sometimes bad shuttles still get stuck and that way it's easier to get them out.

I've only tested it on the court 1 time so i will keep this updated as i move a long.

If you have any questions or i made some mistakes or you have remarks please put them under this thread, private message me or send me and email to carlvanoppens at

Good luck!

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Re: Tips when putting together your Baddy

Post by avidivaddi » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:51 pm

Hi Team,

I am trying to connect to baddy v3 . But baddy is not getting connected to hotspot.

Could you please help me out in this.

I have given hotspot name as Baddy-init and password as BADDY1234.
Still it is not getting connected.

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