Using Configure activity on GO BADDY app

Using the "Configure" activity on GO BADDY app.
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Re: Using Configure activity on GO BADDY app

Post by Mannion11 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:26 am

Also, whilst i remember, my baddy for whatever reason dont fully work properly with the surrounding box and back protection, it only works properly with now surrounding? which of course makes the baddy slightly more moveable when i am attaching the plastic shuttle feeder tube.

Also i believe because of the weight of the shuttles, they get trapped behind the switch part and have to turn the baddy off to release the motor position without breaking the part. i find my baddy can only take a total of 12-14 shuttles without causing any mishaps, but even with this amount i still get 70/30 good/mis-hits from the baddy???

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