Using BADDY for the first time

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Re: Using BADDY for the first time

Post by limoncello » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:37 am

taking into account the basic settings, how can we know the speed of the shuttle? is it depending of the type of shoot ?

what will be the consequences of changing the motor speeds? lenght of a shoot? speed of the shuttle?


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Re: Using BADDY for the first time

Post by wbelien » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:01 pm


I'm writing in name of BaZo, the badminton club of Zoutleeuw (Belgium). I helped them to build their Baddy. Currently, after a successful build, we're facing several problems, most of them related to the distance and the direction birdies are flying. Let me summarize our questions:
- Should a Baddy be able to shoot birdies until the last court line, when placed at the short service line of the opponent's court? Where should the Baddy ideally be placed?
- We don't see that much effect of augmenting the motor speed on the distance birdies fly. What can we do to let them fly further? We already tried to adjust the mounting height of the wheels on the motor axle.
- We have problems to shoot birdies to the left and right part of the field. It's ok for drop shots, however birdies are almost going straight in case of clear and drive shots. How can we solve this? A larger difference between left and right motor speeds almost has no effect. Moreover, motor speed minimum seems to be limited to 800 rpm, which makes it difficult to set large differences for short distance shots.
- Finally, our Baddy crashed when setting too high motor speeds (eg. by setting 1800 rpm for clear center shot instead of 1350 rpm)! The attachment describes what happened when troubleshooting the problem: motors are spinning up and stop spinning then, no display and no physical reaction on app commands anymore, wifi shuts down. After soft reboot (only power button), situation solves itself after a couple of seconds or minutes (wifi is up again!). After a hard reboot (by interrupting the power cable), normal situation with spinning motors returns immediately. When connected with PC by means of an USB cable during crash, wifi stays powered and we see commands being executed at terminal, however no motor output anymore. After soft reboot: immediately more or less normal behavior (however no display). After hard reboot (including disconnecting USB-cable): immediately normal behavior. --> I think that when motors are speeding up too fast to high speeds, they're asking for a current peak, causing a voltage drop which brings the system (wifi module, motor electronics, ...) in an unstable state. Does that make sense? How to solve? Separate power circuit for electronics? Using a voltage regulator? Limiting motors speed settings in the app? Speeding up motors more gradually/step wise?
- Can you tell us what minimum and maximum speeds actually are?

I'm sorry to ask you so many questions which may already have been discussed at this forum. However, most discussion is in French, which make it quite difficult for us to understand :)

Hope you can help us with making our Baddy ready for use...

Best regards, Wouter Beliën

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Re: Using BADDY for the first time

Post by wbelien » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:12 pm

Here's the attachment where I was talking about: ... sp=sharing

Cheers, Wouter

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