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Before you start

Post by baddyteam » Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:01 am

1/ All BADDY hardware parts are licensed under CERN OHL V1.1 see conditions before being a developer. Key highlights:

* Anyone can copy, produce and sell BADDY and services around BADDY, as long as you call it BADDY and that initial licence terms are respected. What we want is the community to grow through your action, and if you can do Business, that's something encouraging that shall fuel your motivation. We may ask you to share your figures (number of BADDY units sold) to us (cf CERN OHL V1.1 license term). Note that we will strongly encourage community members/companies to develop their Business locally. Locally means, not selling services to customers from foreign countries or covering a too large perimeter, which inevitably leads to centralisation model, that has proven to be inefficient in the Industry. If support is local, then it's quicker, better, and most important, customer and community friendly. Any centralized model won't be encouraged by us. We believe in decentralized models and value sharing.

* Modifications are allowed (encouraged!), as long as it is shared with the community (BADDY Lab forum). Post your updated Hardware designs documentations (CAD files, .svg vector files, software source code) on BADDY Lab forum for sharing/review/advice - We may propose another repository like github in the future. Any new feature created by a community member or company representative, all part of the developer group, inherits from the initial BADDY license terms: it means that it is still BADDY, and that it's still open source (inheritage) with copyleft possibility, and this for all future BADDY release iterations.

* What happens in case of abuse? License abuse is not cool. In case of license abuse, it will off course result in a breach of license for the companies/community members involved, a bad opportunity to be very badly considered by all the community and beyond :( and if we really got upset, suing is a possible option. Don't screw up with the community.

2/ All BADDY embedded software code licensed under GNU GPL V3 see conditions before being a developer.

3/ GO BADDY basic application (Android or IOs) is free but not open: as our website or forum, it allows us to administrate BADDY community - it's our role as a company so, as of today, open source in this case is not applicable and doesn't really make sense (it would be like making our BADDY website open source...)