Acceleration / Deceleration behavior

check servo motors positions, make first shots. If needed, you will have to update BADDY code on PCB (changing configured speeds)

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Acceleration / Deceleration behavior

Post by philippe_audio » Mon Nov 11, 2019 11:22 am

Hello guys,

I'm new in this forum as I just finished my Baddy.
Firstly I want to take my time to thank all the Baddy team who made this DIY solution available !

What I'm facing is a strange behavior with acceleration and deceleration. This problem is a bit hidden by the ESC calibration and programmation as they have slow reaction time. Here's what happen.

When I'm playing the same shot (let's say several drop center) the motors are running at the same speed during transition.
This is kind of normal because the speed is always the same...
But when I'm mixing shots (Drop center, drop left, drop right, drop center...) the motors are giving a full acceleration before going to their normal speed.

I've made a video with a servo to show you what I mean : [url] [url]

The baddy is still working fine but because of that it's hard to repeat the exact shot everytime.

My guess is there's a problem in the code concerning the "transition_speed"

Thanks for your help !

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